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Texas man guilty of defrauding two Robinson locals

Houston resident Joshua Matthew Pierce pled guilty in Federal Court in Waco Thursday to defrauding a local bank, two jet leasing companies and three men – including his son-in-law and a local attorney.

After first opening an account with Extraco Bank in Waco in October of 2011, promising to wire $10,000 into the account, he withdrew $550 but failed to make the deposit.  A month later he formed a partnership with Robinson locals Michael Carter and Pierce’s son-in-law, Ken Lewis, but then later used his partner’s personal information to obtain fraudulent credit.

He proceeded to fraudulently purchase charter flights from two companies, Paradigm Jet Management of Muskegon, Michigan, and Jet Team, Inc. of Arizona for more than $30,000.

Initially Pierce denied committing fraud to Robinson PD detectives, and hired Waco attorney Guy Cox to represent him in court.

According to court documents, Pierce then gave a phony letter of credit to police and then paid his legal fees to Cox with a fraudulent check.  He would later confess to the crimes in January.

Judge Walter Smith has set a sentencing date of July 11th.

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